23 May, 2008

Chipper gets the praise, but Berkman yields greater results

While Chipper Jones is getting a lot of deserving praise for his impressive early season batting average (.415, through games played on May 23), it is Lance Berkman who is having the more amazing offensive season.
Berkman leads the majors with an astounding 57.7 runs created. That's over 8 full runs created better than Chipper Jones (49.4) at second in the league. While Chipper's traditional baseball stats are impressive, it's Berkman's sabermetric numbers that are demonstrating how great of a season he is having. His isolated power is .382, good for second in the majors (Ryan Ludwick, .397). His OPS is a whopping 1.229, also leading the league. Perhaps even more impressive is Berkman's 9 steals in 10 attempts, leading to a secondary average of .579, also leading the majors. But of course it is Berkman's power that ultimately dazzles the most; he leads the majors with 16 homers and a .761 slugging average.

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