25 May, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 25 May - 31 May

As our first installment of major league rankings we at Right Down Broadway, would like to point out that these rankings will be updated weekly throughout the regular season on Sunday evenings prior to the Sunday night game. Therefore the rankings will be based on a team's play through competition on Sunday excluding the teams participating in the Sunday night game.
Also, we want to point out that recent competition will have more weight in determining the current ranking of a team. While a team's record will weigh heavily in the rankings, it will only be one factor in the determination.
(Expected W-L record is based upon a variant of James' standard "Pythagorean" method.)

1. Arizona Diamondbacks, W-L: 30-21, ExpW-L: 31-19
This team is solid all around, with Randy Johnson pitching as well as he has lately this team's rotation is deep.

2. Chicago Cubs, W-L: 29-21, ExpW-L: 32-18
With that offense they can withstand some spotty pitching every now and then.

3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, W-L: 30-21, ExpW-L: 27-24
This team is up and down, but they have a tremendous amount of pitching, and pitching is what it's ultimately all about.

4. Oakland Athletics, W-L: 28-23, ExpW-L: 31-20
Not even Billy Beane thought he'd look this smart.

5. Boston Red Sox, W-L: 31-22, ExpW-L: 30-23
Getting swept by the A's they looked bad, but this is still the team to beat.

6. Atlanta Braves, W-L: 27-23, ExpW-L: 30-20
All of this with Smoltz ailing.

7. Tampa Bay Rays, W-L: 30-20, ExpW-L: 28-22
The Rays have a lot of depth and are not overly weak in any one area.

8. Philadelphia Phillies, W-L: 28-24, ExpW-L: 29-23
This offense can carry this team, even if their starters after Hamels look scary right now.

9. Chicago White Sox, W-L: 26-22, ExpW-L: 28-20
Only Kenny Williams could have foreseen this working as well as it has.

10. Toronto Blue Jays, W-L: 27-25, ExpW-L: 27-25
If this team had all its parts healthy and playing well, how good would they be?

11. New York Yankees, W-L: 25-25, ExpW-L: 25-25
Everytime you want to write them off they remind you of how dangerous they can be.

12. St. Louis Cardinals, W-L: 30-22, ExpW-L: 29-23
We're still not completely sold.

13. Florida Marlins, W-L: 28-20, ExpW-L: 25-23
Speaking of not being completely sold...

14. Houston Astros, W-L: 29-23, ExpW-L: 26-26
Lance Berkman is on another planet right now.

15. Los Angeles Dodgers, W-L: 26-23, ExpW-L: 26-23
Still need a power bat, but loads of young talent suffice for now.

16. Minnesota Twins, W-L: 25-25, ExpW-L: 23-27
Still have a great framework in place.

17. Texas Rangers, W-L: 26-26, ExpW-L: 25-27
Josh Hamilton is one of the best stories in baseball.

18. Cleveland Indians, W-L: 23-27, ExpW-L: 27-23
Even with the injuries this team is better than their record.

19. Detroit Tigers, W-L: 21-29, ExpW-L: 23-27
They have the bats but they aren't always showing up.

20. New York Mets, W-L: 23-25, ExpW-L: 24-24
Willie Randolph is a class act, but it's time he and the Mets part ways.

21. Cincinnati Reds, W-L: 23-27, ExpW-L: 22-28
The future for this team seems brighter every day.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates, W-L: 24-26, ExpW-L: 23-27
Inconsistency still hurts, but some pieces are in place.

23. Milwaukee Brewers, W-L: 23-27, ExpW-L: 22-28
This team has enough talent to play a lot better than this.

24. Kansas City Royals, W-L: 21-29, ExpW-L: 20-30
Look solid at times, but at other times look like the same old Royals.

25. Baltimore Orioles, W-L: 24-25, ExpW-L: 23-26
Finally coming down to where we expect them.

26. Washington Nationals, W-L: 22-29, ExpW-L: 21-30
Some of the hopefuls are showing signs of being solid down the road.

27. Colorado Rockies, W-L: 20-30, ExpW-L: 21-29
Injuries have completely destroyed this team.

28. San Francisco Giants, W-L: 20-30, ExpW-L: 19-31
Bright future with pitchers, but still stuck with Zito.

29. Seattle Mariners, W-L: 18-33, ExpW-L: 20-31
Doesn't look like they'll turn a corner this year.

30. San Diego Padres, W-L: 18-33, ExpW-L: 17-34
Pitching can win championships, but not without any hitting.

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Marc said...

Only #15th? I hope that we're higher up on your hierarchy next week.