06 May, 2008

Wildcats making 08 splash

Even if you are not a fan of collegiate baseball you can't help but appreciate the effort of the impressive outfield duo of Sawyer Carroll and Collin Cowgill for the University of Kentucky. These two young men have emerged as quite possibly the two best individual outfielders in all of Division I baseball. Sawyer Carroll is a name you will see again and again as he takes his game to new levels, finishing his collegiate career and continuing on to the professional level. Not far behind him, his teammate continues to make a case that he is quite possibly the second best outfielder in the nation.
A quick look at their offensive statistics and you see why this team started the season at 19-0. Carroll sports a 1.224 OPS while Cowgill is not far behind at 1.216.
While the all around game of Carroll has scouts mystified, it is the game of Cowgill that is emerging more and more in discussion. Cowgill's isolated power has surpassed that of his teammate's .360 to .313. While each of these numbers is astounding, Cowgill's is breathtaking. In addition, Cowgill has been successful on 17 of 20 steal attempts.
Carroll will continue to get much of the praise, as he deserves, but Cowgill is starting to put a stamp on being the second best outfielder in the nation; even if he is the second best outfielder on his team.
We will return to more of college baseball in upcoming posts, as the season turns to the regionals, with more extensive coverage of these two soon-to-be major league prospects.

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