08 June, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 8 June - 14 June

We're heading into the heart of the summer with legitimate contenders starting to remind the up-and-comers that there is a lot more ball to be played. Many of the contenders aren't entirely healthy, but their reserves are picking up the slack admirably.

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L: 39-24 ExpW-L: 33-30
It's hitting on all cylinders right now.

2. Chicago Cubs W-L: 39-24 ExpW-L: 40-23
A .500 week slows down the NL's best, but just a bit.

3. Boston Red Sox W-L: 40-26 ExpW-L: 38-28
Is there any doubt who the most feared club in baseball is?

4. Philadelphia Phillies W-L: 39-26 ExpW-L: 40-25
Starting to pull away from in an unexpectedly weak NL East.

5. Chicago White Sox W-L: 36-26 ExpW-L: 38-24
When will this team start getting the national press it has earned.

6. Tampa Bay Rays W-L: 37-25 ExpW-L: 34-28
The Red Sox showed they were still the team to beat in the AL East, but the Rays are showing they are still a force to be reckoned with.

7. St. Louis Cardinals W-L: 38-27 ExpW-L: 35-30
We still expect the bubble to burst, but maybe not that badly.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks W-L: 34-29 ExpW-L: 35-28
What once looked like their division now looks like it will be a tight race.

9. Oakland Athletics W-L: 33-29 ExpW-L: 36-26
This team needs a more loyal fan base.

10. Toronto Blue Jays W-L: 33-32 ExpW-L: 35-30
Ricciardi's bold moves finally starting to pay off.

11. New York Yankees W-L: 32-31 ExpW-L: 31-32
Some of the sleeping giants have awaken, when these bats get going no one can stop them.

12. Milwaukee Brewers W-L: 33-30 ExpW-L: 31-32
Talent rich and the chemistry is there; can they compete in such a deep division?

13. Minnesota Twins W-L: 31-32 ExpW-L: 29-34
This team will probably slow down at some point, but who would have thought they'd be up on the Indians and Tigers at this point?

14. Los Angeles Dodgers W-L: 30-32 ExpW-L: 33-29
Finally starting to show some life, against the Cubs no less.

15. Florida Marlins W-L: 34-28 ExpW-L: 31-31
Who thought this would be the only team staying within range of the Phillies?

16. Texas Rangers W-L: 31-33 ExpW-L: 30-34
All-Stars continue to emerge from Arlington, but banners do not.

17. San Diego Padres W-L: 28-37 ExpW-L: 26-39
Starting to roll early enough to make a difference.

18. Atlanta Braves W-L: 32-32 ExpW-L: 37-27
Absolutely abysmal on the road (7-21) and their next ten are away from home.

19. Houston Astros W-L: 32-32 ExpW-L: 31-33
If they're still a second half team, they are positioned well.

20. Pittsburgh Pirates W-L: 30-33 ExpW-L: 29-34
Drafting without respect to big number rumors shows that ownership is ready to make necessary changes.

21. Detroit Tigers W-L: 26-36 ExpW-L: 29-33
The Indians seemed to bring some good out of this team.

22. Cleveland Indians W-L: 28-35 ExpW-L: 32-31
Injuries may derail this season for good.

23. Cincinnati Reds W-L: 30-34 ExpW-L: 30-34
All the big name prospects are there now and without pressure since Griffey's getting all of the attention; perfect timing for development.

24. Baltimore Orioles W-L: 31-31 ExpW-L: 30-32
Daniel Cabrera could be the most talented out-of-control pitcher in the majors (well along with Oliver Perez).

25. New York Mets W-L: 30-32 ExpW-L: 31-31
Did Omar Minaya and Mets' ownership think that everything magically got better after a meeting with Willie Randolph?

26. San Francisco Giants W-L: 28-35 ExpW-L: 28-35
Zito now has 2 wins on the season.

27. Colorado Rockies W-L: 24-39 ExpW-L: 25-38
Played extremely well against a hot Brewers team.

28. Washington Nationals W-L: 25-39 ExpW-L: 24-40
It's one step forward, two steps back for this perennial loser.

29. Kansas City Royals W-L: 24-39 ExpW-L: 24-39
See above.

30. Seattle Mariners W-L: 22-41 ExpW-L: 25-38
Who could've guessed this team would be so awful?

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