21 September, 2008

Historic Rewind: The Bambino, Double X, and Hack

Through the steroids' era and the modern era of band boxes, many of the all-time great statistical seasons have fallen, dwarfed by cartoonish numbers. But a few of the truly outstanding historic seasons still stand out as unattainable, even by steroids' era measurements.

Only three players in the history of baseball have reached 100+ runs scored, 200+ hits, 50+ HRs, and 100+ BBs. The first to accomplish the feat was Babe Ruth in 1921 with 177 runs, 204 hits, 59 homers, and 145 walks. Quite possibly the greatest offensive season in the history of the game. The others to accomplish the feat were Hack Wilson in his record breaking 1930 season and Jimmie Foxx in 1932. Wilson accumulated 146 runs, 208 hits, 56 home runs, and 105 walks. Foxx put up 151 runs, 213 hits, 58 homers, and 116 bases on balls.
While those of the steroids' era tracked down many of the great records, these seasons still stand alone as unique and astounding feats.

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