01 June, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 1 June - 7 June

Are we getting closer to figuring out the Jekyll and Hyde teams? So many teams loaded with talent continue to struggle, and many others continue to surprise with what seems to be limited talent. While some divisions are beginning to look more "normal," others still keep us shaking our heads.

1. Chicago Cubs W-L: 36-21 ExpW-L: 37-20
As a reminder to the rest of baseball that they're for real, they knock off 7 in a row.

2. Tampa Bay Rays W-L: 35-22 ExpW-L: 32-25
They may slow down, but if you're waiting for them to crash forget about it.

3. Boston Red Sox W-L: 35-24 ExpW-L: 34-25
This team has become what the Yankees were 10 years ago (in a good way).

4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L: 34-24 ExpW-L: 30-28
This team was an early preseason favorite for a multitude of reasons.

5. Philadelphia Phillies W-L: 33-25 ExpW-L: 35-23
Starting to look like clear favorites in the division.

6. Arizona Diamondback W-L: 32-25 ExpW-L: 34-23
Slowing down slightly, but far from stopping.

7. St. Louis Cardinals W-L: 34-24 ExpW-L: 31-27
We're still not believers, but pairing the way Ludwick has been playing with Pujols is a dangerous combination.

8. Toronto Blue Jays W-L: 31-28 ExpW-L: 33-26
Incredible pitching can take a team very deep into a season.

9. Oakland Athletics W-L: 30-27 ExpW-L: 32-25
How good will this team be in two years?

10. Chicago White Sox W-L: 30-26 ExpW-L: 32-24
Good chemistry with a manager who makes timely decisions is a great mixture.

11. Atlanta Braves W-L: 29-28 ExpW-L: 34-23
Bad luck usually levels out by the end of the season.

12. New York Yankees W-L: 28-28 ExpW-L: 27-29
A-Rod and company will do their part, but will Joba and company?

13. Minnesota Twins W-L: 29-27 ExpW-L: 27-29
Good fortune that they are playing so well the year before they finally get their new park.

14. Texas Rangers W-L: 29-29 ExpW-L: 28-30
Not only is Josh Hamilton playing amazingly but so is Milton Bradley.

15. Florida Marlins W-L: 31-24 ExpW-L: 28-27
Good fortune looks like it may be ending soon for this team.

16. Milwaukee Brewers W-L: 29-28 ExpW-L: 27-30
Starting to get a little momentum, can they turn it into something?

17. Los Angeles Dodgers W-L: 27-28 ExpW-L: 29-26
Enough talent that they should be destroying lifeless teams like the Mets.

18. Cincinnati Reds W-L: 28-29 ExpW-L: 27-30
Talent keeps flowing in from the minors, but they finally reached the best of it with Bruce.

19. New York Mets W-L: 27-27 ExpW-L: 27-27
Reyes is starting to play like an MVP again, but that's not enough (Can Pedro make a difference?)

20. Detroit Tigers W-L: 24-32 ExpW-L: 27-29
This team will go on a run at some point, but will it be a long enough run to make up for all of this?

21. Houston Astros W-L: 30-28 ExpW-L: 28-30
This was an absolutely horrendous week.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates W-L: 26-30 ExpW-L: 26-30
The devoted fan base needs more help from ownership.

23. Cleveland Indians W-L: 25-31 ExpW-L: 29-27
This team can't get hitting and pitching going at the same time.

24. Washington Nationals W-L: 24-34 ExpW-L: 23-35
Moving on top in the battle of the beltway.

25. Baltimore Orioles W-L: 26-29 ExpW-L: 25-30
Yep, these are the O's we've come to expect.

26. Kansas City Royals W-L: 23-34 ExpW-L: 23-34
Will they be able to keep some of the talent they are developing now; and get out of this cycle?

27. San Francisco Giants W-L: 24-33 ExpW-L: 23-34
It could be worse - they could be this bad and still have the negative PR of Bonds following them.

28. Seattle Mariners W-L: 21-35 ExpW-L: 23-33
The good news is, they've played better than their record; bad news: even at that rate they're still bad.

29. San Diego Padres W-L: 23-35 ExpW-L: 22-36
Actually showed some life this week.

30. Colorado Rockies W-L: 20-37 ExpW-L: 22-35
Too bad the fans couldn't get some kind of encore.

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