29 June, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 23 June - 29 June

Interleague play is over and it is time for teams to deal with teams from their own leagues, and more specifically their own divisions. The next month will bring separation to many of the divisions, and will tell us who is will be buyers and who will be sellers in the trade market.

1. Chicago Cubs W-L:49-32 ExpW-L:50-31
So far ahead of the rest of the NL it seems unfair.

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L:49-33 ExpW-L:42-40
John Lackey is pitching like a Cy young winner...will missing the first part of the season cost him the award?

3. Chicago White Sox W-L:45-35 ExpW-L:48-32
The South side team has been nearly unbeatable at home too.

4. Tampa Bay Rays W-L:49-32 ExpW-L:46-35
Only the A's have had a better all-around staff in the AL.

5. Boston Red Sox W-L:50-34 ExpW-L:49-35
If Daisuke can return to where he was at the beginning of the season the Red Sox will be in great shape.

6. Minnesota Twins W-L:45-37 ExpW-L:42-40
They are getting production from a multitude of sources.

7. St. Louis Cardinals W-L:47-36 ExpW-L:44-39
Everyone thought they had no pitching, but they rank sixth in the league in ERA. With Pujols on offense this team can keep it together.

8. Detroit Tigers W-L:41-40 ExpW-L:41-40
No one is too surprised they are playing like this, we're just surprised it took so long.

9. New York Yankees W-L:44-38 ExpW-L:43-39
Andy Pettite and Mike Mussina have a tremendous weight on their shoulders for the next month+.

10. Milwaukee Brewers W-L:44-37 ExpW-L:40-41
Ryan Braun is not being recognized properly by the All-Star voting fans.

11. Oakland Athletics W-L:44-37 ExpW-L:47-34
Duchsherer has an astounding 1.91 ERA.

12. Texas Rangers W-L:41-41 ExpW-L:40-42
Is anyone paying attention to Vicente Padilla's ten wins?

13. New York Mets W-L:40-41 ExpW-L:40-41
Carlos Delgado still has it, just not often enough.

14. Philadelphia Phillies W-L:44-38 ExpW-L:48-34
When do you say that a player has too many strikeouts? When their OBP is .310. At least Adam Dunn draws a ton of walks.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks W-L:41-41 ExpW-L:42-40
Even with the huge lead they developed they can't continue to play like this and expect to lead the division.

16. Florida Marlins W-L:42-39 ExpW-L:39-42
They refuse to die, and even though the talent is young, it's deep.

17. Baltimore Orioles W-L:41-39 ExpW-L:40-40
If Sherrill can continue to show the resiliency he has thus far the O's could maintain a .500 record.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers W-L:38-43 ExpW-L:41-40
If they could win all their games without a hit they'd be perched atop the division.

19. Atlanta Braves W-L:40-43 ExpW-L:46-37
The Braves continue to struggle through injuries and stars coming down to earth.

20. Kansas City Royals W-L:37-45 ExpW-L:36-46
DeJesus and Greinke and quietly having all-star campaigns.

21. Toronto Blue Jays W-L:40-43 ExpW-L:45-38
A.J. Burnett is absolutely on fire. The Jays could move him and start to prepare for the future with an injection of youth.

22. Houston Astros W-L:39-43 ExpW-L:38-44
Outside of Berkman, this team is really depressing. Even Roy Oswalt has a rather mediocre 4.77 ERA.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates W-L:38-43 ExpW-L:36-45
Nady and Bay could be good pieces in trades.

24. Cincinnati Reds W-L:38-45 ExpW-L:36-47
Griffey is a sure fire hall of famer, but his time is behind him and he's starting to pull down his team.

25. Cleveland Indians W-L:37-45 ExpW-L:42-40
Peralta is putting up impressive power numbers.

26. Washington Nationals W-L:33-50 ExpW-L:30-53
Belliard breaks out of a slump with a monster hit.

27. San Francisco Giants W-L:36-46 ExpW-L:37-45
Tim Lincecum continues to impress.

28. Seattle Mariners W-L:31-50 ExpW-L:34-47
Showed they could dominate the pathetic Padres

29. Colorado Rockies W-L:32-50 ExpW-L:34-48
Continue to struggle even with Tulowitzki playing solidly.

30. San Diego Padres W-L:32-51 ExpW-L:32-51
How bad is this team? Couldn't even compete with the Mariners.

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