06 July, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 30 June - 6 July

As we head toward the All-Star break the Rays and Twins continue to surprise and impress. The Yanks are on the ropes, and the Mets are in the midst of determining whether the rest of their season will matter or not. The Diamondbacks are doing everything thing they can to give the division lead away and may finally be finding a taker.

1. Tampa Bay Rays W-L: 55-32 ExpW-L: 52-35
There can be no doubt which team is the best team in the majors right now.

2. Chicago White Sox W-L: 51-37 ExpW-L: 53-35
Carlos Quentin is getting the recognition he deserves.

3. Chicago Cubs W-L: 53-36 ExpW-L: 54-35
The North-siders will be well represented at the all-star game.

4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L: 53-35 ExpW-L: 46-42
John Lackey's last outing was a bit of a slip, but the Angels' staff is still one of the most fearsome in baseball.

5. Boston Red Sox W-L: 52-38 ExpW-L: 53-37
Manny Ramirez needs some rest, but the Red Sox can ill afford to sit him down.

6. Minnesota Twins W-L: 50-38 ExpW-L: 47-41
Delmon Young is starting to live up to the tremendously high standards he set for himself.

7. Milwaukee Brewers W-L: 49-39 ExpW-L: 45-43
With the organizational depth the make a trade deadline move the Brewers are right in the mix of things.

8. St. Louis Cardinals W-L: 50-40 ExpW-L: 47-43
With two pitchers returning from the DL, the Cards are primed for a second half surge.

9. Oakland Athletics W-L: 47-41 ExpW-L: 51-37
The A's will have to enter into one of their customary second half surges to stay in the middle of things.

10. New York Yankees W-L: 46-42 ExpW-L: 46-42
Mike Mussina is doing his part to keep the Yanks afloat.

11. Philadelphia Phillies W-L: 48-40 ExpW-L: 52-36
They have their foot on the throat of the Mets, it's time to put it down.

12. Texas Rangers W-L: 46-43 ExpW-L: 43-46
Will the Rangers ever have enough pitching to complement their amazing hitting?

13. Detroit Tigers W-L: 43-44 ExpW-L: 43-44
Their hot streak is slowing down, but they can't allow that to happen long.

14. Florida Marlins W-L: 45-43 ExpW-L: 42-46
Valued by position Hanley Ramirez is the NL MVP.

15. New York Mets W-L: 43-44 ExpW-L: 44-43
The Mets chance to get into the race is now.

16. Los Angeles Dodgers W-L: 43-45 ExpW-L: 45-43
If Garciaparra can make a difference the Dodgers might get into this, but Jones won't be doing a thing.

17. Arizona Diamondbacks W-L: 44-45 ExpW-L: 45-44
Even mediocre play could have helped them keep their significant lead.

18. Baltimore Orioles W-L: 44-43 ExpW-L: 44-43
Adam Jones is showing why the O's got the best of the Bedard deal.

19. Cincinnati Reds W-L: 43-47 ExpW-L: 40-50
Jay Bruce has been streaky, but when he locks in he'll be a perennial all-star.

20. Kansas City Royals W-L: 39-50 ExpW-L: 38-51
The Royals had a couple of players overlooked for all-star bids, certainly because the team continues to struggle to post wins.

21. Atlanta Braves W-L: 41-47 ExpW-L: 47-41
How far has Jeff Francoeur fallen?

22. Toronto Blue Jays W-L: 42-47 ExpW-L: 46-43
The pitching still has hiccups, but it is a very deep staff.

23. Houston Astros W-L: 41-47 ExpW-L: 40-48
Will the Astros become important sellers?

24. Pittsburgh Pirates W-L: 40-47 ExpW-L: 38-49
The key for the Bucs is selling the right parts, they may only be a couple of years away from contention.

25. Cleveland Indians W-L: 37-51 ExpW-L: 43-45
Will the Indians sell more than Sabathia?

26. San Francisco Giants W-L: 39-50 ExpW-L: 40-49
Outside of Zito the Giants' starters are quite solid.

27. Washington Nationals W-L: 34-56 ExpW-L: 32-58
A lot of close losses don't make the number of losses any less painful.

28. Seattle Mariners W-L: 35-52 ExpW-L: 38-49
A solid framework could make turning things around quick.

29. Colorado Rockies W-L: 37-52 ExpW-L: 38-51
They can slug it out, but pitchers are still few and far between.

30. San Diego Padres W-L: 35-54 ExpW-L: 35-54
How can the Padres be so bad when Gonzalez and Peavy can be so good?

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