13 July, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 7 July - 13 July

The all-star break is here. The Red Sox are finally back where we expected them to be. The Rays are struggling through some adverse times. The Brewers and Cubs gear up for a battle du jour down the stretch. The Mets remind us all of just how talented their roster is. The break comes at a good time for many and the rest of the month will determine a tremendous amount in all of the races.

1. Boston Red Sox W-L: 57-40 ExpW-L: 58-39
And just that quickly a sense of order is returned to the AL East.

2. Chicago Cubs W-L: 57-38 ExpW-L: 57-38
If Rich Harden stays healthy the Cubs are unstoppable in the NL.

3. Chicago White Sox W-L: 54-39 ExpW-L: 55-38
Gavin Floyd has been a big reason behind the re-emergence of the White Sox.

4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L: 56-38 ExpW-L: 49-45
The offense still sputters at times, but the pitching has been very solid.

5. Minnesota Twins W-L: 53-42 ExpW-L: 49-46
Justin Morneau is quietly having another superb season.

6. Oakland Athletics W-L: 51-43 ExpW-L: 55-39
The A's continue to contend despite being sellers.

7. Milwaukee Brewers W-L: 52-43 ExpW-L: 49-46
A rough week, but the acquisition of Sabathia will keep them relevant for the rest of the season.

8. St. Louis Cardinals W-L: 53-43 ExpW-L: 50-46
A shaky bullpen needs to be addressed before the deadline.

9. New York Mets W-L: 50-44 ExpW-L: 50-44
Not only the first team in the modern era to have 5 consecutive games allowing 3 hits or less, but perhaps more importantly 7-3 against division rival Phillies this year.

10. Tampa Bay Rays W-L: 55-39 ExpW-L: 52-42
The wheels have come off, can the young club pick up the pieces before it's too late?

11. New York Yankees W-L: 50-45 ExpW-L: 50-45
A-Rod might be a head case, but he's still the best player in the game.

12. Philadelphia Phillies W-L: 52-44 ExpW-L: 56-40
Missed a good opportunity to pull away, but the offense has rebounded very nicely.

13. Florida Marlins W-L: 50-44 ExpW-L: 45-49
Must hope that the injury to Hanley Ramirez is not serious.

14. Texas Rangers W-L: 49-46 ExpW-L: 46-49
Taking it to some of the big boys and staying strong.

15. Los Angeles Dodgers 45-49 ExpW-L: 47-47
If Andruw Jones were not allowed to play this team would probably be in first place.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks W-L: 47-48 ExpW-L: 48-47
In desperate need of a bat before they slip out of first for good.

17. Detroit Tigers W-L: 47-47 ExpW-L: 47-47
They need Sheffield to produce to reach their true potential.

18. Cincinnati Reds W-L: 46-50 ExpW-L: 43-53
Selling Dunn and Griffey for some minor league talent could give them one of the most formidable young organizations in recent memory.

19. Toronto Blue Jays W-L: 47-48 ExpW-L: 50-45
Must not allow recent success to blind them from being sellers.

20. Atlanta Braves W-L: 44-50 ExpW-L: 50-44
Perfect time to trade Teixeira and reload.

21. Kansas City Royals W-L: 43-53 ExpW-L: 42-54
Must be very careful when choosing which parts to sell.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates W-L: 44-50 ExpW-L: 41-53
Enough teams are in need of the services of Bay and Nady that the Pirates can drive a hard bargain.

23. Cleveland Indians W-L: 41-53 ExpW-L: 48-46
Nice move in selling Sabathia early, time to look forward a couple of years.

24. Baltimore Orioles W-L: 45-48 ExpW-L: 46-47
Adam Jones is the real deal, a couple of more moves like the Bedard deal and the O's will be competing with the Sox and Yanks.

25. Houston Astros W-L: 44-51 ExpW-L: 43-52
They have pieces that can be sold, and they must avoid hanging onto them for some perceived run next year.

26. Colorado Rockies W-L: 39-56 ExpW-L: 40-55
Trading Matt Holliday could bring in a load, but is it the right long-term move?

27. Washington Nationals W-L: 36-60 ExpW-L: 36-60
8 walk-off wins ranks second in the majors.

28. Seattle Mariners W-L: 37-58 ExpW-L: 41-54
Finally a team with enough guts to cut the big contract.

29. San Francisco Giants W-L: 40-55 ExpW-L: 41-54
Time for Omar Vizquel to hang up the cleats.

30. San Diego Padres W-L: 37-57 ExpW-L: 38-56
Top three salaries this season (Maddux, Giles, Hoffman) need to be allowed to move on.

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