03 August, 2008

RDB's MLB Rankings: 28 July - 3 Aug

The dog days are here and it's really showing for a few teams. The Braves and Tigers are done, the Mets have fallen back on hard times again. The Dodgers have geared up for the race, and those pesky Rays are hanging right in there.

1- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim W-L: 69-42 ExpW-L: 60-51
Now the most complete team in baseball.

2- Boston Red Sox W-L: 64-48 ExpW-L: 66-46
The drop off from Manny to Bay is not nearly what most people are making it.

3- Chicago Cubs W-L: 67-45 ExpW-L: 69-43
Avoiding curses, there's nothing that can stop this team from winning the NL pennant.

4- Tampa Bay Rays W-L: 66-44 ExpW-L: 60-50
Youthful zeal and a veteran-like confidence will keep the Rays in it to the end.

5- Minnesota Twins W-L: 62-49 ExpW-L: 59-52
The cavalry is coming in the form of one of the most talented young arms in recent memory.

6- Chicago White Sox W-L: 61-49 ExpW-L: 61-49
Griffey may not be the right answer, but the White Sox will be right there all season long.

7- Milwaukee Brewers W-L: 62-50 ExpW-L: 58-54
May not win the division, but will be a very scary potential wild card.

8- Philadelphia Phillies W-L: 60-50 ExpW-L: 62-48
In the driver's seat, this time they should stay there.

9- New York Yankees W-L: 61-50 ExpW-L: 61-50
They have all the right parts, now they just need to get hot; again.

10- Florida Marlins W-L: 59-53 ExpW-L: 54-58
Still need some pitching, but the young bats are more than formidable.

11- St. Louis Cardinals W-L: 62-51 ExpW-L: 59-54
In the wrong division, but still one of the best in the NL.

12- Los Angeles Dodgers W-L: 55-55 ExpW-L: 57-53
They have finally got enough hitting to make some noise.

13- Arizona Diamondbacks W-L: 57-53 ExpW-L: 58-52
No deadline move may cost them, but the young talent is starting to hit a little better.

14- New York Mets W-L: 58-53 ExpW-L: 59-52
Minaya making all top prospects off-limit, may cost the Mets a chance in their division.

15- Colorado Rockies W-L: 51-62 ExpW-L: 51-62
The Rockies think they're hanging around in an awful division, but should have moved expendable parts.

16- Toronto Blue Jays W-L: 55-55 ExpW-L: 59-51
Could be competitive next year, but will be an uphill battle in baseball's best division.

17- Baltimore Orioles W-L: 53-56 ExpW-L: 53-56
When will the O's be able to use some of their young talent in a race?

18- Texas Rangers W-L: 57-54 ExpW-L: 53-58
It looks like it will be at least a two year plan.

19- Houston Astros W-L: 53-57 ExpW-L: 50-60
Keeping all of their pieces will only serve to set this team back even longer.

20- Detroit Tigers W-L: 55-55 ExpW-L: 57-53
What changes will the Tigers make this offseason to compete next year?

21- Kansas City Royals W-L: 52-60 ExpW-L: 50-62
Still a couple of years away from making any real noise.

22- Oakland Athletics W-L: 53-57 ExpW-L: 58-52
Next year will be interesting, but 2010 should be their chance.

23- Cleveland Indians W-L: 48-62 ExpW-L: 55-55
This team has made all of the right moves to prepare for long-term competitiveness.

24- Pittsburgh Pirates W-L: 51-60 ExpW-L: 49-62
2010 will be their first chance to play with the big boys in a long time.

25- Cincinnati Reds W-L: 51-61 ExpW-L: 49-63
Not that far away. Made the right move in shipping Griffey out of town, but should have moved Dunn as well.

26- Atlanta Braves W-L: 51-60 ExpW-L: 57-54
Will Kotchman be the long-term answer at first?

27- San Francisco Giants W-L: 46-63 ExpW-L: 46-63
Why keep Molina at this point?

28- San Diego Padres W-L: 42-69 ExpW-L: 44-67
Should be able to pull some things together for next year.

29- Seattle Mariners W-L: 41-69 ExpW-L: 47-63
Could be a long way from being competitive.

30- Washington Nationals W-L: 41-70 ExpW-L: 43-68
When will this team be able to pull together a pool of talent.

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Great work to break down these teams. Great blog. Have you seen www.battingstanceguy.com ? He's almost done all of the MLB teams now - batting stars. Funny stuff.